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 Hazel Saunderson

I am a marketing professional working within the cultural industries, with a design background and a passion for writing. My design background transfers easily into the world of marketing and encourages me to look for new ways to engage customers and deliver valuable experiences. I have developed a number of transferable skills during my employment and education which I have summarised below:

• Experienced Marketer - 5+ years working to promote Scottish venues.

• Strategic Thinker - 5 years studying in three design schools.

• Creative Producer - 4+ years writing & creating content for a number of blogs.

• Digital Connector - 5+ years experimenting with social media.

• Technical Design Abilities - 7+ years using Adobe Creative Suite.

• Quick Adapter - 2 years living abroad.

• Financial Awareness - 5+ years working within varied marketing budgets.

• Computer Literate - Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Wordpress, Joomla, Mailchimp.

I enjoy exploring digital data, researching innovative uses of technology and discovering playful designs. I believe that good design and marketing should facilitate meaningful dialogues with people; to captivate them with a story and provide an alternative way of interpreting the role that products and services play within their lives.


This website presents a range of design projects, the majority of which were completed during my university studies. My studies focused on product design, but also provided opportunities to complete courses and projects in graphic design, marketing, service design, photography, creative writing and languages.

I had the opportunity to spend two years on exchange and I completed my 3rd year at the Köln International School of Design in Cologne, Germany and my 4th year at L''Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris, France.

I developed a number of products and services during this time which ranged from creating playful communications for the Parisian Metropolitan Transport Network, to developing services and organising music events for a homeless survival centre in Cologne, to testing interfaces for an exhibition in partnership with 235 Media and crafting furniture for an exhibition at the VIA Gallery in Paris.

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