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The Diverge concept is to bend the street environment to make the invisible possibilities visible. Often, once you move into more residential areas, the street furniture disappears rapidly; this leaves little support for people in need of a quick stop point within their daily route. The aim of the Diverge seating range gives people the knowledge that there will always be somewhere to have a quick rest in order to gain breath, have a slightly longer break or simply to stop and watch the world go by.

This project mixes both an awareness of space, alongside practical furniture solutions. The furniture pieces were inspired by studying the places which people currently use and simply reinterpreting these to add more support. The second part of the design are the Diverge shadow stories .These are to catch attention, encourage the user stop and create awareness about the potential use of the space.

User Scenario

John has some problems with mobility, but still enjoys regular walks. Today he chose to go to the library. However, he only got halfway there when he felt a little unbalanced and out of breath. Luckily he spotted a Diverge perch and is able to catch his breath before moving on.

The shadow installations

The shadow installations are to create awareness for the possibilities of each space. These would correspond to the furniture pieces within the diverge scheme and also be placed alone at certain points to signify a good place to stop for a rest or with a good view. The shadow silhouettes would be overlaid with a poem that relates to the position in the space. The two examples use poems by Andrew Fusek Peters.

Research and development

Timeframe: 3 months - Year 2007/8

Prof. Dan Smith, In reponse to an RSA Design Directions brief

The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

Exhibited: The Product Design degree show 2008

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