My name is Peter Craig and this is my personal homepage, I have other homepages / sites for various parts of my life but this is for me personally, where a lot of my interests come together. Where I can just be me.

I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland, and yes I do wear a kilt, mainly at dancing and I have a few to choose from , I have long Red / Ginger hair. Ok I know I am starting to sound like the traditional image of a big hairy higlander, but I no longer have the beard so that helps to dispell the image, well a little anyway....

By day I'm an Application Developer, WebMaster and NLP Practitioner / Trainer, by night I'm a dancer and NLP Practitioner. Yes I know I mentioned it twice, but what can I say I think NLP is one of the most powerful, life changing things that I have ever come across and I can honestly say it has improved my life no end. So if I do get talking about it, be warned I can go on for hours, so feel free to tell me to shut up.

When you want to know more about NLP and the other related topics have a look on the link above or else look at my NLP client site, Thinking Excellence, or even contact me.

Another of my passions is dancing, mainly Ceroc/Modern Jive, but you also find me giving it laldy at Ceilidhs.

"As We Think So We Become" (Siddhartha Gautama - Buddha)